hacker:HUNTER Series

The world's most daring cyber crimes

True Crime goes online in this Normal Life Pictures original series for Tomorrow Unlocked. Cybercrime may be hi-tech, but it’s carried out by everyday criminals. hacker:HUNTER tells their stories, and those of the police and security experts tasked with hunting the hackers down. Check out multiple episodes at tomorrowunlocked.com

Director / Executive Producer / Series Creator – Hugo Berkeley
Producer – Max Peltz
Assistant Producer – Lara Ingram
Journalist / Consulting Producer – Leila Abboud
Line Producer – Helen Kelsey
Executive Producer – Rainer Bock

The Jazz Ambassadors

The Cold War and Civil Rights collide in a story of music, diplomacy and race. In 1955, America asked its greatest jazz artists to serve as cultural ambassadors. But how could they represent a country still practicing Jim Crow segregation?

WINNER of 2019 Peabody Documentary Award and Harlem Intl. Film Festival’s Best Doc Director + official selection Full Frame 2018. An Antelope/Normal Life Pictures Ltd. production for THIRTEEN/WNET in assoc with the BBC and ZDF, in collaboration with Arte. For more info, visit: thejazzambassadors.com

The Jazz Ambassadors is written and directed by Peabody-award winning director Hugo Berkeley and produced by renowned filmmaker Mick Csàky. The film received major funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Unknown Male Number 1

This critically-acclaimed 4-part documentary series is both a thrilling account of a remarkable manhunt and a tender portrait of life, death and justice in present day Italy. The story begins with the tragic killing of 13-year old Yara Gambiarasio near her home in northern Italy in 2010. Recounted through the testimony of the tenacious lead prosecutor, Letizia Ruggeri, this 4-part documentary series gives audiences unfettered access to a remarkable genetic investigation. And, following the 2014 arrest of a local builder, Massimo Bossetti, for Yara’s murder, the series asks whether the central DNA evidence really stands up to scrutiny. More info.

Directed By Hugo Berkeley
Produced By Lawrence Elman, Alessandro De Rita
Cinematography: Andrea Zanoli, Michele Paradisi
Editors: Stefan Ronowicz, Manuela Lupini
Original Music: Chris Roe
Executive Producer: Nick Fraser, Kate Townsend, Sonia Rovai, Clive Ng,
Ted Rozenwald,
Axel Arno,
Mette Hoffman-Meyer
Assocaite Producers: Max Peltz, Alison Ercolani, Sara Luraschi, Lee Jones
A Normal Life Pictures / Yaddo / Run to Me Production for Sky Italia and BBC

Cranes in the Sky & Don’t Touch My Hair

Eli Cane produced Solange’s two music videos from her groundbreaking album, A Seat at the Table, recently released by Columbia Records.

Cranes in the Sky

Directed by Alan Ferguson and Solange Knowles
Art and Creative Direction Solange Knowles and Carlota Guerrero
Director of Photography Arthur Jafa & Alan Ferguson
Edited by Solange Knowles & Russell Santos
Produced by Eli Cane



Directed by Alan Ferguson and Solange Knowles
Art and Creative Direction Solange Knowles and Carlota Guerrero
Director of Photography Arthur Jafa
Edited by Solange Knowles & Cami Starkman
Produced by Eli Cane

Fighting For Chicago

The New Dissidents

We produced and directed a companion piece to Billboard Magazine’s special feature about music and activism in Chicago. Read the piece here. Featuring Common, Rhymefest, Malcolm London, Jamila Woods, and Charlene Carruthers from BYP100.

Produced and Directed by: Eli Cane

Cinematography by: Cam Be

Edited by: John Hanle

Location Sound by: Jen Kienzler


On a Knife Edge

A stunning coming-of-age journey set on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Set against a background of rising tension and protest, a Lakota teenager learns first-hand what it means to lead a new generation and enter adulthood in a world where the odds are stacked against him. Filmed over a five-year period, On a Knife Edge provides a privileged view into the interior world of George Dull Knife as he becomes politically active with the American Indian Movement, confronts the challenges of growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation, and wrestles with accepting leadership of his storied family from his aging father.

Director: Jeremy Williams
Producer: Eli Cane
Cinematographer: Steve Robinson
Co-Producers: Tom Roberts, Hugo Berkeley
Editor: Nick Fenton
Original Art: Guy Dull Knife, Jr.
Animations: Michael Burton

The film is produced in partnership with ITVS, Vision Maker Media, the Tribeca Film Institute, and the Humanities Councils of Nebraska and South Dakota


Rich, land-hungry nations are leasing Africa’s best farmland. Is it a crisis, or simply economic development?


Screened in more than 70 countries, this hour-long documentary tells the story of an industrial sugar plantation being built in rural Mali, West Africa. Digging into questions of economic development and land rights, the film follows characters who are trying to escape poverty without forsaking their traditional way of life. You can watch the film here. Also, visit the Why Poverty? site and read the Guardian’s review!

Directors: Hugo Berkeley and Osvalde Lewat
Producer: Eli Cane
Cinematographer: Crystel Fournier
Editor: Lizi Gelber
Creative Executive: Tom Roberts
Executive Producers: Nick Fraser, Mette Hoffman Meyer, Don Edkins

Produced in Association with Steps International


Can a commodities exchange end famine in Ethiopia?

This hour-long film follows Eleni Gabre-Madhin, a woman with a dream. The charismatic Ethiopian economist wants to end hunger in her famine-plagued country. But rather than relying on foreign aid, she’s designed the nation’s first commodities exchange, which she hopes will revolutionize an ancient market system responsible for the country’s food shortages. See the Market Maker site at PBS.org for more.

Director and Cinematographer: Hugo Berkeley
Producer: Eli Cane
Editor: John Balcom
Original Music: Girum Mezmur
Senior Producer, Wide Angle: Nina Chaudry
Executive Producer: Tom Caschiato
A production of Thirteen/WNET in association with Normal Life Pictures

A Normal Life

Born into the chaos of ethnic conflict, they came of age in war and now lead an unexpectedly free country.

A feature length documentary that follows 7 young friends over 3 years after the
 war in Kosovo. Through their stories of trauma and recovery, we 
witness children of
 conflict becoming young leaders of a fledgling state. An intimate and unexpectedly poignant 
documentary about life after war. Winner of the Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary Award, 2003.

Directors: Hugo Berkeley and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

Original Music: Hunter Perrin

Executive Producers: Craig McKay and Marion Lear Swaybill

Distribution: Jane Balfour Services Ltd.
London, UK
Tel: (011) 44-207-727-1528
Fax: (011) 44-207-221-9007 Email: janebalfour@btconnect.com

Miles Español: New Sketches of Spain

The Jazz highlight of 2011, this massive concept album reimagines Miles Davis’ legacy in a Latin idiom

A groundbreaking collaboration between veterans of Miles Davis’s various bands and musicians from Spain, Morocco, and Latin America. Produced by Bob Belden and released by eOne Music in 2011. Check out the Miles Español iTunes LP, which contains loads of video, including performances, interviews, and a 26-minute documentary about the project!

Directed and Produced by Eli Cane
 and Hugo Berkeley

Cinematography by Jojo Pennebaker